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7 Days of Focused Prayer

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

"There are many important tasks for the leader. Planning, vision, casting, team building, communicating, and policy making are important responsibilities for an effective leader. But Christian leadership is spiritual work. Spiritual work depends on spiritual tools. No spiritual tool is as significant or powerful as prayer. As Andrew Murray reminds us, 'In spiritual work everything depends upon prayer.'" - Dave Earley (Prayer: The Timeless Secret of High Impact Leaders)

February 2nd is set up to be a Super Sunday! While it is Super Bowl Sunday, it's also the day we're kicking off February's 7 Days of Focused prayer! During this week, we're asking you to pray and fast alongside us in a specific area of need.

In February, we're asking that you would pray specifically for our walk during this church planting journey. We know that if we're not walking in step with the Spirit, our efforts will be in vain; however, if we're following God's leadership, He will establish His church and as a result, we'll see transformational change in the lives of people we will be leading in Queens! We want to follow Moses' example from Exodus 33:15: "And he said to him, “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here."

To follow along with us each day, do these helpful tips!

• Join our Prayer Partner Facebook Group: 'Floro NYC Prayer Partners'

• Follow along with us on Instagram - @Floro.NYC

• Input these prayer requests into your phone and set a reminder to pray each day

• Share this blog post to get as many people praying as possible!

Thank you so much for partnering with us through prayer! We are so grateful for your partnership!

Jordan and Melissa

7 Days of Focused Prayer Schedule

Sunday, February 2: Pray for a close walk with Jesus.

Pray the Floros prioritize their relationship with Jesus. Pray they stay in His Word, fellowship deeply with Him in prayer and keep their lives pure. Pray God would walk powerfully and intimately with them, so they are able to minister out of the overflow of this personal walk.

Monday, February 3: Pray for an identity grounded in Christ.

Planters are entrepreneurs who long to see something started from nothing. The temptation is often to find their identity in what they do and how well they do it. Pray the Floros root their identity deeply in the gospel.

Tuesday February 4: Pray for a strong marriage and family.

Balancing family and ministry can be difficult. Pray the Floros are sensitive to the needs of their families and make shepherding them a priority. Pray specifically for the Floro kids, Annie and Judson, as they are making major life adjustments as well.

Wednesday, February 5: Pray for wisdom.

Church plants can be fragile organizations. Every decision can be one that makes or breaks the organization. Pray God gives the Floros great wisdom as they make decisions weekly that affect the growth of the plant—and the extension of God’s kingdom in their communities—for years to come.

Thursday, February 6: Pray for favor in their community.

Pray for people of peace who can assist in the work. Pray local business would open their meetings spaces. Pray local leaders would help them connect with the community. Pray for natural relationships with neighbors. Ultimately, pray the Floros find people open and excited about a new work in their community.

Friday, February 7: Pray for faithfulness in their work.

The hard work of church planting can be draining and discouraging. One week can be exhilarating with success, while the very next week can be a crash of disappointment. Pray the Floros stay focused and faithful to the call God has placed on their lives, even in the midst of the ups and downs of difficult ministry.

Saturday, February 8: Pray for fruit for God’s kingdom.

Planters plant churches because they have a passion to see individuals and communities transformed by the gospel. Pray God will have His way in men and women across our land. Only Jesus can save lives. Pray that He will transform hearts and lives.

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