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Here's What Happened in October!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This past month, we visited family in Ohio, celebrated Annie's 8th birthday, both Annie and Judson were baptized, we were commissioned as missionaries/church planters by First Baptist Orange Park, moved into our new apartment in Sunnyside Queens, and MORE!!

As you can imagine, this month has been a complete whirlwind!

Trip to Ohio and securing an apartment!

We started the month by taking a trip to Ohio to visit Jordan's family. Our original plan was to spend some time with them and then fly up to NYC to try and find an apartment. Because of the quarantine restrictions, we decided to forgo our NYC trip and trust that God would lead us to the perfect apartment virtually. Thanks to help from our friends, the Nasons, we were able to view an apartment via FaceTime. We applied and were accepted before we left Ohio!

Because we were able to do everything virtually, we got to spend more time in Ohio with family! It was a great time of relaxation before our move!

Annie and Judson Update

October was a big month for Annie and Judson as well! Not only did Annie turn 8, but both Annie and Judson were baptized at FBC Orange Park. Jordan had the privilege of baptizing them! You can watch their baptism by clicking here!

Since moving to NYC, we have spent most of our time getting settled in our new apartment; however, Annie and Jud have both been able to walk and scoot around the neighborhood. They are loving their new neighborhood and all that comes with life in the big city!

FBC Orange Park Commissioning

We have been so grateful for the relationship we've been able to build with Pastor David Tarkington and FBC Orange Park this past year. While COVID has been a challenging season for everyone, a silver lining has definitely been added time spent with our friends at FBC Orange Park. They have been a huge blessing to us these past few weeks as we've prepared to move. From paying way too much for items at our garage sale to helping us load the moving truck, FBC Orange Park has gone above and beyond in their partnership with us! We are so grateful for their support and friendship!

On October 25th, they took time in their service to commission and pray for us before we made the move to Queens. It was humbling and such a special memory we'll treasure for years to come.

You can watch this entire service by clicking here!

Move to NYC!

On Saturday evening before our move, Jordan's Dad surprised us by flying into town and knocking on our front door! It was great to have him join us for the kids' baptism and our commissioning. He was also able to rework his schedule to ride up in the Uhaul truck with Jordan!

Other than having to drive a 20ft Uhaul truck through Manhattan streets and on New York highways (which we don't recommend), our move from Florida to New York was uneventful-which is a GREAT thing!!


'4P' Partner Update


In these first weeks of being in New York City, we are so grateful for your prayers! Specifically, we would ask that you lift up these prayer needs:

  • Pray that God guides us to have conversations with people who are spiritually hungry and who are open to the Gospel!

  • Pray that we adjust well and get settled into our new apartment here in New York City. Pray for safety as we navigate the city and that the kids acclimate to this new way of life.

  • Pray for our relationships with our neighbors. One awesome thing is that there are multiple people who have moved into our building the same week as us! This has created open doors for conversations and introductions. Please pray that those conversations flourish into deeper friendships and opportunities to communicate Christ's love!

  • On our block, we have found a potential meeting place that can be a place where we can host teams and eventually launch! Please pray that doors open wide for us if this is where God would have us land!

  • Pray for relationships to begin with people of peace in our neighborhood.


Throughout this whole process, we have been blown away at how God has opened doors for us financially. When we stepped out on faith, we knew that He would have to lead others to support us financially. We are so grateful for your generosity that makes our ministry possible!

If you're not already partnering with us financially, would you consider starting?

  • Your $25/Month contribution would help us make a significant connection with a neighbor over coffee

  • Your $50/Month contribution would help promote our ministry on social media platforms

  • Your $100/Month contribution would help purchase resources for community Bible studies

  • Your $250/Month contribution would help purchase promotional materials

  • Your $500/Month contribution would help create regular community outreach projects

  • Your $1000/Month contribution would help solidify meeting space for mission teams and Bible studies

To give, click here! Make sure you select the "NYC Church Planting - Floro Family" fund. By giving through our sending church, FBC Orange Park, all of your gifts are tax deductible. Thank you for your Kingdom investment!


We could not move to NYC alone! We had a great group from Orange Park that helped us load up the truck and a number church planters from NYC who helped us unload in Queens!

These seemingly small acts were a huge blessing to us! Thank you to everyone who helped load, gave us cards, and helped us cover some of our moving expenses!


As you pray, provide, and participate, please continue to spread the word about what God is doing here in Sunnyside Queens! We know that there are others you know who would be interested in joining us in this work as well! Please share our posts, websites, and contact with others who would be excited about this new work!

We could not do this without your partnership! Thank you for all you do to support this work!

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