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How did we get here?

In March of 2014, Jordan was packing for his first "Rushmore" (a yearly mission trip to NYC) with our students from Houston's First - Sienna. I very vividly remember asking him, "...just PLEASE don't fall in love with New York and make me move there." I said it in jest, but knowing my husband I also knew that he was about to meet for the first time, a city that matched the very magnetic energy that was inside of him. In addition, I had my own love for New York - first, as a high school chorus nerd with fantasies of broadway. Short lived as that was, and as a mom of two very small kids now, my lingering passion for the city terrified me.

I'm almost sure that first trip may have been the last time I let Jordan go without me, and I've lost count how many times we've been back since then. Each time having the same conversation, "What is this pull we're feeling? Why does it feel like home? What could God be doing here?" Which typically ended with me saying, "God couldn't be calling us here. It's too much. I DEFINITELY can't handle the cold. I couldn't do it, especially not with the kids. Maybe when they're MUCH older..." I'd say that neither of us knew then where God would lead but the truth is, I think we did.

Of course, we believe that God's timing is perfect. When we moved back to Florida eighteen months ago, we fully anticipated that another move wouldn't be happening for another ten years at least. Proverbs 16:9 comes to mind. "The heart of a man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps." This July, just two weeks after returning from serving again in New York, God used circumstances surrounding a sermon of Jordan's own to catapult us into a season of what we affectionately call "holy discontent." As we prayed for discernment, God began to turn my doubtful thoughts of "I couldn't" to "Why couldn't I?" and as we dove deeper into those answers and took steps towards God's leading, we found peace and confirmation many times over.

We announced today to our Hibernia Baptist Church family our intentions to move to Queens, New York sometime in early summer 2020 to pursue planting a church. Seeing an almost six year process come to reality feels like a miracle, and it is! Jordan and I will both be sharing more as we prepare ourselves, family, and home for this transition. For now we ask you to pray for us, for Queens, New York, and that people would come to know Jesus!

If you'd like to journey with us on our new adventure, fill out the form on the "Partner" link on our website and look for us on social media!

Instagram: Floro.NYC

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