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Letter to Hibernia

Dear Church Family -

Let me begin by telling you how grateful I am for the way you have welcomed supported my family and I to this community. I want to share with you what God has been doing in our lives over the past several months.

Midway through 2019, God began to stir in our hearts. This stirring was surprising to us and led us to seek the Lord deeper in prayer and Bible study. I began to have conversations with Pastor Scott and other trusted pastors who began praying that the Lord would give us wisdom and guidance. As we considered what God had been preparing for us, we recognized a burden that we had for the people New York City and more specifically, the borough of Queens.

As we explored this burden deeper, we were confronted with the tremendous need that Queens has for Gospel-centered churches. Currently, Queens has only 66 Southern Baptist Churches. With a population nearing 2.5 million, Queens has a ratio of 1 Southern Baptist Church for every 38,000 people. The reality is that the need in this part of our country is extraordinary.

Currently, we are working through the process of being assessed by the North American Mission Board to be sent to Queens as Church Planters. Our hope would be that we would transition to Queens early this upcoming Summer. Over the course of the Spring, we will be raising support through prayer and finances to help fund our move and sustain living expenses. This step of faith is not something we’re able to do alone. We are grateful for the encouragement our Pastor and Elders have given us to be able to prepare for this new work.

In regard to Hibenia’s Student Ministry, I will remain in my current role as Student Pastor through the first part of 2020. Church leadership is currently seeking the next person whom God is preparing to lead as Hibernia’s next Student Pastor. There can be challenges in times of transition, but I can assure you that your teenagers are and will be in great hands. We have a fantastic team of appropriate adults who love and support our teenagers well. I believe that the best days are ahead for Hibernia’s Students!

While goodbyes are never easy, this one is especially bittersweet. We are very excited about the work God is calling us to, but we will most certainly grieve as we step away from Hibernia Baptist Church. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, love, and support. It has been our honor to serve you in this role.

Many blessings,

Pastor Jordan

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