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March 2020 - Ministry Update

March has definitely been a month to remember! That might be the understatement of the year! With all of its chaos and uncertainty, there is much to be thankful for during the month of March! Along with that, there is also quite a bit of information we need to share. So brace yourselves! We got a lot coming at you today!

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been many people who have reached out to us to ask about our status in regard to Assessment, church planting, our timeline, and our financial status. I wanted to take a moment and share an update as to where we are at currently. Much of what I’ll share is fluid and flexible; however, it is what we feel is most realistic given our current circumstances.

1. We’ve been approved to move forward with the North American Mission Board!!!

I’d like to start with some awesome news! After going through a couple months of being assessed by the North American Mission Board and attending a 2 day intense Assessment Retreat, our assessors have given us a Green Light which means that under normal circumstances, we’d be considered ready to plant in 6-18 months. This is something that we are rejoicing in because God is continuing to make it clear to us that He has called us to this extraordinary work! Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and already supported us! I’d love to share in another post about the process in more detail. It was a fascinating and life-giving process for us. It revealed so much in us and God used it to encourage us in our calling to plant a church in New York City!

2. Our Current Status in Regard to Church Planting

As you’ve been following the Corona Virus’ spread in the United States, you’ve probably heard that New York City has become the epicenter of infection in the United States. We are seeing Elmhurst Hospital in Queens being hit extremely hard by the Corona Virus. Because New York City is on lockdown with very little movement, making immediate plans to move from Florida to the city right now doesn’t make much sense. With everything going on, we’ve been strongly encouraged by leaders in the city to wait for a period of 3-6 months from our original June goal. This would put us arriving in the city as early as September and as late as January.

While is disappointing, we are still very excited for two very important reasons: First, it is clear that God is wanting to work in this intermediate time. Already, we have seen how He is moving in us personally, also, we believe that He wants to work through us here while we’re in Florida to continue to plant the Gospel here until He makes a way for us to move. While we’re not sure what that is, we are excited and open! Secondly, a new work in a post-Corona Virus New York City will provide new and exciting opportunities for ministry! As we’ve talked to our partner from the North American Mission Board, they are unsure what the landscape will look like for ministry opportunities. We are confident that God has placed this calling for us to plant a church in Queens for such a time as this. We need more workers to go into the harvest and we are eager to get started, whenever that might be. We are praying that God uses this setback as a way to draw more people to Himself!

3. Updated Timeline

Our original plan was to spend the months of April and May raising support which would have provided the financial ability to move to New York City and sustain our living expenses beginning in June. The bulk of our support was going to come from churches across the country who were also burdened for New York City and supported our calling to plant a church in Queens. Understandably, most churches are waiting to see what the long-term financial affects are from this pandemic. We believe this to be a wise approach at this time and if given the same set of circumstances, we’d likely do the very same thing. As a result, God also has us waiting. We still believe that God will provide for us the necessary funds to accomplish His calling. We anticipate a 3-6 month delay from our original June 2020 goal.

Initially, this is frustrating for us because we have a huge desire to move to the city as soon as possible. After much prayer, we realize this extra time might actually prove to be beneficial in that it allows us to start from a much stronger place. This extra time will allow us to connect with more churches prior to our leaving, which in turn means that we’ll have more people praying and more individuals who are called to join our launch team. It also means that as churches rework their budgets for 2021 and beyond, more will be in a position to partner with us financially. I think we’ll be very grateful for this extra time years from now.

4. Our Financial Status

Even before the Corona Virus, we knew going into the months of April and May would be tight. This is because my time at Hibernia officially ended on March 31st and we would no longer be receiving a salary. Because of our delay, we’re having to pivot and I’m looking for a stable full-time job. We have put applications in at some places. We are praying for a well paying, close to home position. If you or someone you know is hiring, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Prayer Requests

Churches and Ministries in NYC

As you can imagine, churches in NYC are active in the midst of this crisis. While we were in the city last, we met with Patrick Thompson, a Pastor in Long Island City, for breakfast to talk about church planting. Since the pandemic has broken out in NYC, he helped found LIC Relief which is funding meals from local businesses to help feed members of their community. While helping his community, Pastor Patrick actually became infected by COVID-19 and is currently recovering while still leading efforts from a quarantined room. You can find out more about LIC Relief by clicking here!

We also are planning on partnering with the Metro New York Baptist Association (MNYBA) in Manhattan which provides resources to all SBC Churches in the Metro. While we were leading mission trips to the city, we would regularly partner with the MNYBA. One of their primary methods of income came from mission teams who would use their facility for lodging. Because of the Corona Virus, most of their teams who were planning on coming for Spring Break had to cancel their trips. This loss of income means that they are not able to resource NYC churches as much as they normally would. Please take time to pray for their Director, George Russ, and their team as they navigate these times. You can find out more about MNYBA by clicking here! You can also give to support their ministry by clicking here!

Financial Provision!!

Like so many others, we are in a time of pressing financial need. This virus has hit us in a vulnerable time. We believe that God can make this time of uncertainty into a time where He provides supernaturally for His work! Pray that God would provide financially for our needs.

New business endeavors!

Melissa and I will be rolling out some new businesses. Melissa is now selling Norwex and would LOVE to host an online party for you! It’s a great way to clean your home without harmful chemicals! You can setup a party with Melissa by emailing her at

I’m launching a new business called Transit Media Solutions where I’ll be consulting churches and small business about their online presence and messaging. You can learn more by going to my website by clicking here!

Pray for Partners

With this delay, we are praying that God opens up the door for us to partner with more people and churches. Pray that God would connect us with individuals and churches who are burdened for what is happening in New York City.

Thank you so much for all of your support! So many have reached out to us over these past couple of weeks to tell us you’re thinking and praying for us. We believe that God has big things in store and we can’t wait to see how He uses our current situation for His glory!

It is a joy to partner with you!

Jordan & Melissa Floro

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