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Our Most Asked Question

This past Sunday, we went public with the news that God is calling us to plant a church! We have been completely overwhelmed and humbled with the amount of support and encouragement that has come our way! More than any other question, you have asked how you can partner with us to plant this church. I decided to write a quick blog to share with you how you can join us on this mission! There are 4 ways you can partner (and they all start with 'P'.. after all, we're Baptist...)

1. Pray

We need people who are willing to pray and fast regularly for us and with us as we move to the city, build relationships, establish groups, train leaders, and launch. The deeper we get into this process, the more we learn what we already knew: we can't do this alone. If God's not leading, we're going to fail. We need His guidance and direction.

2. Participate We need some who would be willing to find employment in New York City and join our launch team! It's a big ask but we realize that if God has been stirring in us, it is likely that there are others who are wrestling with a similar calling. We also need partner churches, Sunday School classes, youth groups, and friends to come on mission trips to help with outreach events, prayer walk the neighborhoods, and serve the community.

3. Provide We are looking for churches and individuals who would be willing to partner with us financially through both one-time and monthly gifts. Just in the next few months, we'll be needing to take trips to seek potential partners, in March, we will be traveling to New York City for our North American Mission Board Church Planting Assessment, and this Summer, we'll be needing to cover the costs for relocation.

4. Promote We need your help spreading the word about what God is doing in Queens! Share our social posts and tell your friends to be praying for us!

Whether you're able to move to New York City or not, you have a part to play in reaching people in Queens with the Gospel! We are so grateful to have so many friends who are willing to partner together for the sake of His Kingdom!

Thank you for your partnership!

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