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Our Story

In March of 2015, as a Student Pastor at Houston's First, I (Jordan) led my first mission trip to Queens in New York City. It was on this trip where I saw first-hand the overwhelming opportunity that presented itself because of the city’s density of people and diversity of culture. I fell in love with the city and was inspired by the ministry that was being done to reach people from all over the world for the Gospel through our church planting partners we worked with. While on this trip, I was presented a phrase that would be a constant refrain anytime I'd think about Queens.

If you reach the neighborhood, you’ll be reaching the world

Since 2015, we have led six mission trips and visited the city on three other occasions. To say we love the city would be an understatement! On each of these trips, we have been able to build relationships, serve the people, and share the Gospel. With every visit came a deeper affection and love for the people of Queens.

In the Summer of 2019, soon after yet another mission trip to Queens, we began to sense a more specific calling from God toward a new work He had been preparing for us. Over the next few months of praying, seeking the Lord, and listening to wise counsel, we believe that God is calling us to plant a church in Queens - New York City.

We would love for you to pray and consider joining us in the work God is doing!

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