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Spring Ministry Update - May 7, 2021

New York City in the Spring has been a dream! The temperatures are rising, the flowers are blooming, and the people are coming out! It has definitely been our favorite season since being in the city!

Many have been asking about how COVID is continuing to affect the city. While there is still some fear from COVID because the city had been hit so hard with it in 2020, they are taking steps toward reopening. In the next few weeks, the city will be open 100%.

ServeStaff - Interns

With this great news, we currently have several interns who will be joining us to help connect better with our neighbors this summer! 6 of our interns are serving through the North American Mission Board's GENSEND program where they are training on how to live missionally. 2 of our interns are serving through the Metro New York Baptist Association's Multiply Intern Program and will be assisting us in daily ministry in Sunnyside this Summer. Please be praying for this great group of college students who are leveraging their Summer Break to expand the Kingdom of God!

Neighborhood Connections

We are so grateful for your prayers for us to connect with our neighbors. God has definitely opened some amazing doors for new relationships in the neighborhood. We have found that people are open, and even craving relational connection in this season. Through walking our dog, going to the park, and being intentional to meet neighbors, we have been able to meet many people who have become friends to us. Please pray that we don't see people as projects, instead, we simply connect as friends and share life together.

Potential Ministry Opportunities

Our kids have been huge advocates of our ministry here in the city! They are excited about starting a church and have helped us make some great connections in the neighborhood! One of those connections is their school's Principal! Recently, she shared with me about some needs that their school has beginning this Summer that with our Serve Staff Interns and mission teams, we should be able to help out with! We are praying that this door continues to open and we'll be able to have an ongoing relationship with this Principal and school!

Building Update

We have been praying for a space that we can utilize as a ministry center, office space, and Bible study space. Well, it looks like God is answering those prayers for us! He has provided space in a church building owned by Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida. They are graciously allowing us to utilize their space 9-5 during the week, Sunday nights, and Thursday nights at an affordable rate for us. We will be hosting teams from Jersey Baptist Church and FBC Orange Park to make some cosmetic improvements for us. We are super excited for you to be able to see this space in person!

Our Church's Name - Gospel City Fellowship

We are very excited to share with you that the name of our church will be Gospel City Fellowship! We landed on this name because we felt it best represented who we hope to be! We want to be Gospel-Centered, For the City, and a New Testament style Fellowship (Koinonia). Recently, Moments of Hope Church in Charlotte helped provide funds for us to be able to create branding/website with our new church name.

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Ministry Partners

We're grateful for the partnerships we have with the Metro New York Baptist Association (MNYBA) along with the SEND Network and North American Mission Board. Jordan has benefited from attending Micro-Meetings with the MNYBA where he has been able to meet other Pastors who serve in the New York City area. He is also in a cohort with the SEND Network & North American Mission Board where he is being trained alongside other church planters in a similar season.

In addition to these partners, we're still receiving training from The Church of Eleven22. This past month, Jordan went to Florida along with Pastor Jonathan Nason (who Pastors New Hope Church where we're in residency) to attend a Creative Offsite meeting with leaders from The Church of Eleven22. In this meeting, they were planning out ministry and sermon series for Christmas - Spring 2022. It was incredibly beneficial to observe their creative process!

Financial Update

God has been so good to us in the area of finances. So far, He has used God's people to provide for all of our needs. As we move into this Summer and beyond, our ministry expenses are increasing significantly. We will need to raise an additional $15,000-20,000/month for our building space, ministry/outreach, an additional Pastor to serve alongside us, and ongoing ministry programs. One of our hopes is to start job training through Jobs For Life, which is a Gospel Centered job training organization. We believe that these groups will give us a great opportunity meet a significant need in our community while also be able to share the Gospel with those going through this program!

Our mission is bold and costly. It's made possible through the generous ongoing support of God's people like you! To commit to giving, please click here!

Thank you for your ongoing support both spiritually and financially. We are extremely grateful for your partnership!

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