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Thank you for praying!

I wanted to send you all a quick note as a follow up to the email I sent earlier in the week. As you may remember, I am no longer employed at our previous church and was planning to transition fully to focus on church planting in the month of April. Because of Covid-19, these plans have been delayed. As a result, we began praying that God would provide me a full-time job. I'm happy to share that on Friday morning, I attended orientation at a NFC Logistics, which is an Amazon affiliated company that delivers packages for Amazon in North East Florida! We are grateful that God has provided me with a full-time position that will provide us with regular income! While this delay is an adjustment to us, I believe that God has us exactly where He wants us for His purpose. Before we were called to plant a church, God called us to plant the Gospel and we're called to bloom where we're planted! My hope would be that I can be faithful witness for Christ with NFC Logistics! In addition to my new role at NFC Logistics, there are a few other ways we working to supplement our income to cover our expenses that we'd like to share with you:

  1. Transit Media Solutions I (Jordan) am seeking to come alongside your church or organization in a consulting role. Many churches and organizations operate in silos with numerous programs, events, and messages that lack synergy. This leads to church members, visitors, and customers feeling confused and ultimately disconnected from the life of the church or organization. I partner with you by creating a communications game plan for your entire organization that provides clear solutions. As a result, your organization will be unified under a singular message, which will help you go further faster! You can start the process to developing clearer communication by clicking here!

  2. Norwex Our family has benefited greatly seeking healthier ways of cleaning our home. We have progressively sought to rid our house of cleaners that use harsh chemicals; instead, we have replaced those chemicals with safe and effective Norwex products. We have been so impressed with Norwex products, Melissa has signed up to be a rep for the company. She'd love to share with you more about our family's journey and steps you can take to create a healthier home for your family! You can check out more by going to her website by clicking here!

  3. Preaching and Teaching Ministry Over the next several weeks at least, churches are having to do church online. If it could work with your plans, I'd love to offer myself as a guest speaker for your church or student ministry. I have the necessary tools to pre-record a high quality video of my message. Also, following the stay-at-home orders, I'd love to schedule a time to come and share with your church in person on a Sunday morning, a missions emphasis event, a student ministry event or for an interview about what God is doing through us as we prepare to plant a church in New York City. To begin a conversation about having me share, please email me at

As we've said many times before, while our family's situation has been challenging, it pales in comparison to those who are on the front lines of this pandemic. Just yesterday, a friend of mine who is a Pastor in New York City shared with me that they are in the process of developing plans to have funerals over Zoom. This pandemic is bringing a lot of chaos and confusion to our world. While we continue to pray for a cure, let's pray that the Holy Spirit would comfort those who are struggling the most and encourage those in the medical field as they serve heroically in this time. This too will pass, but until then, let's shine brightly as the church and point all people to the Great Physician who not only has the ability to heal illness, but also the power to heal souls! Maranatha!

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