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Vision Trip

Greetings Friends!

Recently, Steve Canter, the Northeast Regional Missionary with the North American Mission Board invited us up to New York City for a vision trip to better envision God's calling. On this trip we were able explore different parts of the city and meet with church planters who are just a few steps ahead of us, all with our two kids! This was Annie and Judson’s first visit to the city. Needless to say, we were a little concerned with how they would do with the large crowds, loud noises, and all that walking. 50,000 steps later, we’re pleased to report they too have fallen in love with this great city!

While on this trip, we were able to worship with Queens Church, a brand new church in the neighborhood of Woodside in Queens. Queens Church is Pastored by Larry Mayberry and Danny Rangel and launched earlier this year.

I’m grateful for their friendship and partnership over the years! I have led numerous mission trips to Queens to work specifically with Larry and as a Student Pastor, I have invited Larry to speak at multiple events we’ve done.

Over the years, Larry has taught me to not only see the city for its exciting tourist destinations, but to see the city for its people. On many occasions, I can remember Larry challenging our teams to look at people in their eyes. In a city crowded with millions of people, many struggle with loneliness and lack hope. By engaging people individually, we’re able to communicate God’s love for them personally! While it is our goal to reach as many people we can with the saving message of the Gospel, we will follow Christ’s example of pursuing individuals with the Good News of the Gospel.

We love all of the exciting things about New York City and are looking forward to the energy the city has to offer; however, We're most looking forward to developing deep relationships with the people God will be directing us toward!

Would you join us in praying specifically for the people whom God will put in our path in New York City?

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