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WHAT A MONTH! Here's what happened in January!!

God has provided in extraordinary ways through so many people! It has been so encouraging! We wanted to give an update about where we’re at and how we got to this point.


A few weeks ago, Melissa had the idea of making a t-shirt to sell to help cover some costs of some things coming up. We’re so excited to report that we put in order in for 58 shirts to Sunday Cool Tees —If you’re in ministry and need some shirts, hit Sunday Cool up! They’re amazing people and hooked us up with an amazing deal on shirts!—!!!

We went into this fundraiser thinking we’d sell maybe 20-25 shirts. You guys stepped up! FIFTY-EIGHT!!! We’re blown away!!

As a result, this is what we’re able to do:

  • Pay for our lodging while we’ll be in New York City for our NAMB SEND Network Assessment in March

  • Cover our transportation costs while we’re in the city

  • Cover the application costs for The Summit Network’s assessment (Hopefully we’ll have more to come on that soon!!)

Your partnership on our journey has had a huge impact! Thank you for coming alongside of us!!

Our Last night in Student Ministry :(

January 29 was extremely bittersweet for us as it marked our last day leading in Student Ministry. For almost a decade, we have loved pouring into teenagers across the country! We’ve been so grateful for our time here at Hibernia working alongside some great leaders and amazing students!

Hibernia Baptist has already offered so much support for us in this journey and Wednesday night was no different! It was a meaningful night and we'll cherish our time here. We will miss focused time with teenagers but we are excited to continuing influencing teenagers when we host teams of students in the coming days when we get on the ground!


Over the course of this process, we are partnering with A TON of churches! It has been amazing to meet with and talk to Pastors all across the country who are excited about what God is doing in Queens!

Churches and individuals partner with us in 4 specific ways:

  • Prayer We need churches, Sunday School classes, youth ministries, and individuals to pray for us and this new church daily! It is the most significant way you can partner with us!

  • Provision We need financial support to move to and sustain our ministry in New York City. Your gifts are essential to this work. We’re grateful for your sacrifice!

  • Participation We need teams and individuals who are willing to join us in New York City, either as a short-term team or commit to serving with us long-term in the city!

  • Promotion We need help getting the word out! We’ve had friends connect us with other like-minded and missionally focused church who are willing to support us. We’ve also had friends share our posts on Social Media to get more people praying with us. This has been huge!

The North American Mission Board asks church planters to have a sending church who is able and willing to stand with them throughout the planting process. This church acts a liaison for the planter with the North American Mission Board. Because of the added administrative work and the level of commitment needed, not every supporting and partner church is in a position to be a sending church. It is common that planters were not raised in or even members of their sending church prior to this relationship.

Shortly after announcing, I was contacted by Pastor David Tarkington from First Baptist Orange Park. It was clear that God had been working in him already to prepare him to partner with us on some level. In getting to know him, we were able to see how his church’s passion for Church Planting and New York City. It became evident that God was aligning our hearts for what He is doing in Queens. We learned about how they’ve partnered and sent church planters to Toronto, Orlando, Portland, and Leesburg. FBC Orange Park has agreed to partner with us in the special way of being our Sending Church with the SEND Network and North American Mission Board!

This means:

  • FBC Orange Park is committing to partner with us in every aspect of partnership for the next several years. Planting a church takes years and they are able and willing to commit to the work God is doing through us for the long-haul.

  • FBC Orange Park will house and offer oversight of our finances. This means, when you give, you can be confident that we have appropriate accountability as well as have all of the tax benefits of giving to a 501(c)(3). When designated, 100% of your gifts will go to support this church plant!


Along with these things, there are so many others that are unfolding by the day! God has been at work and has made His presence known throughout this process! We’re excited to be able to share this journey with you and look forward to all that He does in the coming days! Thank you for praying! Thank you for giving! Thank you for promoting!

For His Glory!

Jordan & Melissa

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